5 Best Alternatives of WhatsApp

WhatsApp was found in 2009. WhatsApp Messenger is a free, messaging and voice service app which is owned by Facebook. It can be used in mobile phones and tablets. For use on the desktop, the user should relate to internet access. The company will update this app more and more so that it should always be the popular one.

By using WhatsApp, one can send voice messages, images, text, and documents. One can be able to do video calls and voice calls using this application. There are many alternatives to this WhatsApp application. If you want to make use of any other apps, here is the list of the different alternative apps.

Top Five Best Alternative of WhatsApp

1. GB WhatsApp

The other alternative of WhatsApp is the GB WhatsApp. This GBWhatsApp apk is the new version of the WhatsApp. The features which are not present in the WhatsApp are added to this GB WhatsApp.

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If we add our account to this Gb WhatsApp, our account will be blocked by WhatsApp temporarily. We can communicate with the who are on our contact list. Our account will be permanently blocked if we do not switch to our official WhatsApp.

Advantages of GB WhatsApp:

  • It is free to install.
  • By using this GB WhatsApp, we can hide our chats.
  • We can also download the status kept by our friends in the chat.
  • When your friend changes the profile picture or when he goes offline, you will get an alert.

Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp:

  • Once we install the GB WhatsApp, our official WhatsApp account gets deleted.

2. KakaoTalk

It is a free messaging application for smartphones. KakaoTalk has free calling features along with texting. It is like WhatsApp. It is the number one messaging app used by 93% of smartphone users in South Korea.

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Using this app, we can send our images, videos, messages to all your contacts. We can talk to a group of people or one person.

Advantages of KakaoTalk:

The benefits of using Skype are

  • It is flexible to use.
  • By having this account, we can make friends.

Disadvantages of KakaoTalk:

  • By the usage of this app, we addicted to the smartphone.

3. Wire app

The wire app was launched on 3 December 2014. This app was created by Wire Swiss.it is the best alternative to the WhatsApp. The messages are sent using end-to-end encryption. It has the feature of simple interfacing. To access this application, we need to provide our phone number and the email address.

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The data which we send to our users cannot be shared with anyone. It is used for video calls, voice calls and messaging.

Advantages of Wire app:

  • Easy to operate.
  • The main advantage is that it is flexible to use.
  • Messages or data can be sent by using wireless data so that we can save money on making the calls and sending messages.

Disadvantages of Wire app:

  • The disadvantage of this app is that the calls may not connect and frequently call drop occurs.
  • We will be able to connect 3-4 people at a time. If many people are connected in a call, the voice quality automatically degrades.

4.  Line

The line was released on 23rd June 2011 at NHN Japan. We can exchange images, videos, video calls, voice calls, and locations. This app is used for communication in devices like mobile phones, tablets, computers.


Free calls and messages can be done using this app. An unlimited group and chats are provided by Line. The security feature of Line in end-to-end encryption of messages. Line users should use their mobile numbers for communication.

Advantages of Line:

  • Using Line, we can attach files such as Excel, Word.
  • It is not necessary to close other applications to open Line.
  • Provides full screen for video calling.
  • Long sentences can be easily typed.

5. Tango

Telegram is the fast, free and secure messaging app. It is launched in 2009. TangoME developed software for smartphones. In addition to these, we can share games, text and voice calls.

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Tango can be used in windows, mobile phones, and tablets. We can also make a group chat, and the group calls using Tango.

Advantages of Tango:

  • This app is straightforward to use
  • The messages or the can be delivered in the compressed or uncompressed version depending upon the user.

Disadvantages of Tango:

  • The major drawback of the Tango app is that the video quality will be inconsistent.
  • The other main disadvantage Tango app is that the video often lags when the audio goes ahead.


I hope you’ll just like the 5 Best Alternatives for Whatsapp instant messaging apps. Feel free to share your experience within the comment section below.

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