How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 7, 8, and 10

Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 7, 8 & 10 – Complete Guide

We always try to delete some photos, documents, etc when we did not need those and when our work is over but still after some days we need the documents…

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Setting up Active Directory in Windows Server 2019 Step by Step Process

Installing and Configuring Active Directory Domain Services on Windows server 2019 – Complete Guide

Active Directory Domain Services is one of the most useful and most flexible functions that allows users or admins to organize their data system without breaking the order. It also…

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How to use Chrome dark mode

Enable Google Chrome UI Dark Mode on Windows, Android & iOS

Compared with the other browsers Google Chrome is considered the most recommended and popular browser in the current scenario. Google Chrome can be accessible with every device including PC, laptops,…

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Search Results Featured snippet from the web How to Create a Windows Password Reset Disk in Mac

How to Create a Windows Password Disk on Mac – Complete Guide

It happens sometimes that we forget our passwords and after which we cannot log in to our Windows account, so here comes the use of Windows password disk. So there…

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Tor vs. VPN: What They Do and Which is Better

Tor vs VPN: Which tool can be more beneficial for Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

With the increasing concerns by the users, online users applied to several different methods of software such as alternate browsers, proxy sites, and private networks. Selecting might get tough but…

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Apple Introduces mac OS Big Sur is the new Operating system in WWDC 2020

macOS Big Sur: Apple Introduces new Operating System in WWDC 2020

We have seen the releases of several products that were reportedly introduced at an online event minus to any presence of reporters. At the WWDC 2020 event, iPadOS and iOS14…

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How to Add Sticky Ads on WordPress Sites & Boost AdSense Revenue

Add Sticky Ads on WordPress Sites & Boost AdSense Revenue – Complete Guide

With the increasing digitization, every business is running on technology. The internet is remarkably winning the market. Today a life without the internet is no life. We are all relied…

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Use the scientific calculator in Windows 10

Switch to Scientific Calculator in Windows 10 – Complete Guide

We often use calculators for our daily routine or business calculations. There are numerous calculators that are designed to calculate the equations. The calculator that is included in the Windows…

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How to Download Android Paid Apps for Free? | Download Games, Video Editing Apps

Android Apps: How to Download Games and Video Editing Apps for free

At some point, we all have endured the pain of downloading files from the internet. Sometimes it is the slow download speed that frustrates us. Sometimes the “Download failed” prompt…

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Where can you download macOS Catalina 10.15 for free

macOS Catalina 10.15: Download Torrent file for free

Used by over 17% computer users worldwide, macOS is the world’s second most popular operating system. Over the years, the operating system has developed into a lot more than just…

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