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With the growing technology in digitization, it has become very easy for the users to operate their work in a minimum amount of time. Today, there are a number of software’s and applications driving the advanced with the innovative features and functionalities. The users are completely dependent on the digitization in terms of creating documents in format. 

Adobe is considered as the giant player in developing innovative software. Till date Adobe has launched a number of software including Photoshop, Acrobat, After Effects, and more. For any creative work, professionals refer to Adobe as it introduces countless features and offers smooth workflow. You might have heard about Adobe Acrobat, but a few are aware about its functionalities and core features. Let’s loop into the core of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and find some amazing information about the same. To learn more about Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for Mac OS X, visit our web page for detailed information. 

Overview of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

Adobe Acrobat carries two levels of PDF password protection. If you want your files to be protected, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI offers access restriction so that the password is never affected to open and consider the PDF file. This is the best thing Adobe Acrobat Pro XI offers to the users.

Where can you download Adobe Acrobat Pro XI
Download Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

As Adobe Acrobat Pro XI can never disappoint users with the protection, it uses RC4 encryption algorithm where Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and upwards can also use Advanced Encryption Standard. In this around 40-bit encryption is used which makes it a difficult challenge to leak a password. 

If you use security certificates it allows you to create different access rights for several user groups. This enables users to fill the forms whereas the users from the group are allowed to edit the document. Certificate-based protection has two keys; public key and personal key. 

Features of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI

As already mentioned, Adobe Acrobat Pro XI holds a number of features right from editing a PDF file till customizing panel toolset. Though Adobe Acrobat Pro XI is a heavy software because of the feature and attractive user interface, it is smooth in functioning and can never disappoint users with the sudden shutdown or hangs. 

Let’s discuss some effective features of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI. 

PDF Editing

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI pdf editing features can make users surprised as this feature is the easiest way to create text and graphic edits to PDFs. While you are making a text wrap you edit it and can easily replace images. Moreover, it also allows you to add bullet lists and search along with replacing text. This feature is redesigned with the content editing panel that makes the process more easy to understand and operate.  

Easier PDF/A Conformance

Acrobat XI allows the users to convert any existing PDF to PDF/A. In case of any failure in the conversion, Acrobat XI can also reconvert the file with the support of PostScript or rasterize pages to get the file into compliance.

Redesigned Combine Panel

This feature is considerably the most effective and innovative feature, as it offers an improved combine document experience in Acrobat XI. The user can visually change order, see thumbnails of existing files, and swap in pages. Acrobat XI Combine works better on the Mac operating system than any other OS. Mac users can actually see thumbnails and convert Office file types. Moreover, while customizing or redesign the combined panel the user does not get any harm to software or a project that you have been working on. 

Adobe Acrobat Pro XI Download for free

Forms Central

Acrobat XI’s feature allows users to create forms. Though this is another process involved in creating an original file laying form field on the top of the PDF. Acrobat XI offers FormsCentral which is a new standalone tool that allows the user to create both PDF and web forms. It also allows the users to collect the data. Moreover, FormsCentral includes a full-fledged library of pre-built forms. 

Easy Signature 

We often seek for the digital signature. Everytime we have to get the signature done on the piece of paper and click a photo, edit it, and make a clear view of the signature. But Acrobat XI offers an easy signature creating feature as the user only needs to type name and draw signature. The user can easily add a signature to any document or send it for additional signature using Adobe’s EchoSign eSignature Services. This cool feature is useful for almost all users for professional use. 

System Requirements of Adobe Acrobat PRO XI Full Version

  • To run Adobe Acrobat Pro XI, the user must have Windows Servers 2012 64-bit, Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit, Windows 8, 8.1 32-bit or 64-bit, or Windows 7.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro XI demands for fast processor of minimum 1.5 GHz.
  • For smooth functioning of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI the user must have 1GB of RAM in the operating system
  • Hard disk space required of Adobe Acrobat Pro XI is minimum 4.5GB. 

If you have any query with downloading Adobe Acrobat Pro XI drop down to our page and our team of tech experts will help you with the solution. 

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