Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac: Download Full Version for Free

Microsoft Office is one of the most popular productivity versions which is named Microsoft Office. This was released on 9th July 2015, for Mac OS. It succeeded the office 2011 for Mac OS and office 2013 for Windows. The office 16 support for offline will end on October 13, 2020. On September 22, 2015, Microsoft Office for Mac got its permanent license. 

Recently some new features have been released in Mac. These new features include ribbons including an updated user interface. It has full support for Retina Display and also there are some features which are very much supportive of office documents. In the case of Word, there is a new Design Tab, which is an Insights feature. It is powered by Bing and real-time co-authoring. 

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In the case of an excel sheet, there is also a new chat feature which is included recently, and Pivot Table Slicers is also included. In PowerPoint, there are also some variations. New themes and variations of themes now include there which contain different colors and designs. In Outlook, some up-datation also there. It provides some new features by using this user is easily able to see the calendar side by side and a weather forecast in a calendar view.

Where can you download Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

If users face any problems with this then they can also download Microsoft Office 2016.ISO full version which has the direct installation files.

  • Software Information for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
  • Name of the software: Microsoft Office for Mac 2016
  • Type: Packaged Install 
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Introduction for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016:

Microsoft Office for Mac is full of new features to the Mac version which is already mentioned in the above.

Effective Features of Microsoft Office 2016 Mac Full Version 

  • An all updated Ribbon Interface which is more or less similar to the Windows Version and the working is also the same. It supports Retina Display Screen for the uses which are a new feature in the new version of mac. It was absent in the previous version.
  • Another feature is the new document sharing feature. In this version, it is more secure and efficient for users.
  • It supports real-time co-authoring. That means it supports more than one author for working on the same worksheet in real-time from their respective device.
  • In the case of Microsoft Word, a new feature “Design” is added. It includes various types of tools to alter the document.
  • Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 also supports the famous search engine Bing which is also Microsoft approved.
  • For better productivity, Microsoft Excel is also updated.
  • A modern chart feature is included in which the user can easily create their chart as per their requirements.
  • A new Pivot Table Slicer is there in Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac which is an interactive control. It makes it easy to filter data in any pivot table.
  • In PowerPoint, various types of newly designed themes are included which contain various types of color combinations.
  • For this feature, any two presentations will never look the same. There is also a feature of threaded comments. By using this collaborator is able to make a conversation with the user which is placed in the relevant text section right to the users.
  • The “Propose New Time” feature is included in the Outlook section. This is very much useful for the time when one person is not available for the meeting but also got a request. For this feature, that person will easily reject that request and the meeting authority can accept or reject (which one they want) the proposal.
  • A new version of the weather forecast is available in the calendar section. This user can fix their appointments as per weather report.
  • A voice mail option is also there for advanced speech recognition or identification purposes.

The installation process of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

If users subscribe for office 2016 mac download then they can download and then install it by using the official website.

If are you looking for Download Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac
Download Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac

For this user must have to follow below-mentioned steps:

  • First, the user has to sign In Microsoft account.
  • Then the user has to visit their “my software browser”.
  • Then, go to the office page.
  • There is a section “Install office 2016 for Mac”. From that, the user has to select the Install option for starting the download. This is full free version installer software.
  • After completing the download, the finder has to be opened and then go to Download. Press a double click on the package Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg. It may slightly vary.
  • When the user sees the first installer screen then must continue installing the software.
  • After reading the software installation agreement the user has to continue with this.
  • Then the user has to click on “I agree”.
  • After reviewing the disc space requirements, select the Install button for beginning the process.
  • Users may give the password for their Mac account then the user has to give the password for installation.
  • After this software will start to install. When the installation is done the user has to select the Close option.

System Requirements for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016

For running Microsoft Office 2016 on Mac users must have installed OS Yosemite (10.10 version) in their system.

Apart from that, the requirements are:

  • The size of RAM minimum of 1 GB is mandatory.
  • Available hard disc space minimum of 2.5 GB.
  • An Intel Processor is also mandatory.
  • If the user wants to install from the disc then the DVD drive is also mandatory.
  • If the user wants to install from a network then a LAN Connection is also required.
  • Mac OS Extended or HFS+ hard disc format.
  • The resolution of the monitor must be a minimum of 1280×800. It can be higher than that.
  • Safari 5 or later.

After that, the user can activate their office by using their copy of Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac.

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