Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO 32/64-bit Full Version [2018]

Windows 7 ISO: Software Information.

  • Software name: Windows 7.
  • Type of Software: Offline/Standalone full Setup.
  • Developer: Microsoft (Lone Author).

Windows 7 ISO: Introduction.

windows 7 ultimate 64 bit download

Windows 7, produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family, is a personal computer operating system. It was released to general public on 22nd October, 2009. Along with it, its server counterpart, Server 2008 R2 was also released at the same time. The main motion behind the release of Windows 7 was to tackle the poor critical responses for the last release Windows Vista. While at the same time the company has to maintain the compatibility and proper interface rather than making it more complex. Windows 7 also brought updated versions of several applications, including Internet Explorer 8, Windows Media Player, and Windows Media Center. This new version proved to be the greatest success the company had ever witnessed. Since its release in October, Microsoft sold over 630 Million license. It quickly flooded the market with its demand and not to mention the number of people using non licensed versions. Windows 7, unlike its predecessor, receiver a lot of praises and good response, mostly for its performance and improved user interface, from every market. It became the most widely used operating system in the world and still a large number of units are in use.

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 7.

These are the main specifications that you must have before getting started with it.

  • A 16 bit or 32 bit processor which has a clock speed of more than 1 Ghz.
  • 1 Gigabyte of RAM for the 32 bit version and 2 Gigabyte of RAM for the 64 bit version.
  • 16 Gigabytes of memory space for the 16 bit version and 20 Gigabytes of memory space for 32 bit version
  • A DirectX 9 supported video card with Windows Display Driver Model version 1.0 or higher driver installed.
  • DirectX 10 supported graphics card is recommended for better gameplay performance.
  • Mouse and keyboard for Input.

Download Windows 7 Ultimate ISO Setup file directly.

Windows 7 ISO Ultimate Edition 32-Bit Version

Windows 7 ISO Ultimate Edition 64-Bit Version

Key features of Windows 7.

These are some of the best features released at that time, better than anything else.

  • Start Menu: The Start Menu provides the primary access point for all the programs and applications on your PC.
  • Windows Snipping Tool:  Windows 7 includes an application to capture, save and share “snipped” images from your desktop, a screenshot.
  • Using Local Area Networks (LAN/WiFi): This configured to access both wired and wireless network resources.
  • Taskbar and Notification Area:  The Taskbar contains 3 main components, the Start button, the Quick Launch bar and the System Notification Area.
  • Windows Explorer Libraries: Libraries are an easy way to collect and track documents and files on your computer that are related to one another but are not located in the same folders.
  • Windows Explorer Favorites: File system favorites are quick links to specific folders that are most used located on your hard drive.
  • Ability to pin applications to the taskbar, just drag and drop.
  • Shake feature, when implement, can hide all inactive windows when the active window’s title bar is dragged back and forth rapidly.
  • Windows 7 includes 13 additional sound schemes.

There is much more to this list and every single one of these only made the interface better.

Windows 7 ISO: Overview.

If we consider the recent survey, it shows that about 39% of computers running Windows are running Windows 7! And that was 2009 release. The popularity gained by Windows 7 was incomparable, another product that had such craze was Windows XP. It is evident that this OS was much more impactful than any other of its kind. Windows 7 includes improved globalization support. For developers, Windows 7 includes a new networking API with support for building SOAP-based web services in native code. The mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in 2015 while the extended support for the Home users will end in 2020. Nearly a decade since its release and the thirst the use it is still unquenchable. That might be an over exaggeration but then just look at the figures. The Professional edition adds additional networking and security features, making it suitable for a pro engaged in various fields, such as Encrypting File System and the ability to join a domain. Its approach was not limited to high end devices only, there was this Starter edition, basically a stripped-down version of Windows 7 meant for low-cost devices such as netbooks. In October 2013, a Disk Cleanup Wizard addon was released that lets users delete the outdated Windows updates on Windows 7 SP1. And that’s how you make space for future updates. There is a lot that can be done on the OS and the best way to explore that is by clicking on the link below and downloading the full ISO setup.

Windows 7 ISO: How to install.

Since we have already talked so much about the most marketed and famous operating system, it’s time to know how to get this on your available system.

  • Enter your computer’s BIOS.
  • Find your BIOS boot options menu.
  • Select the CD-ROM drive as the first boot device of your computer.
  • Save the changes of the settings.
  • Shut off your computer.
  • Power on the PC and the insert the Windows 7 disc into your CD/DVD drive.
  • Start your computer from the disc.
  • Choose your Windows Setup options.
  • Click on Install Now option.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Install Windows 7 on your preferred hard drive partition.

The link has been provided below if any video assistance is required and the OS file is ready to be used.


There is a lot to say about Windows 7, the features, upgrades, interface and the ease in use, everything about it was amazing. Microsoft gave the world a product that was used extensively for an entire decade ever though there were new updated OS in the line. Everybody loved it. That’s all, do follow us for more such information regarding the amazing products out there in the market.

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