How To Free Spy Phone Without The Phone You Are Spying On In Secrecy

Recent technological advances have brought us too many of the blessings. The Internet seems a trustworthy place to spend your time on. In a meanwhile, the Internet can also be home to many of the cyber dangers including cyberbullying, online harassment, blackmailing and fake spamming. These crimes are much common nowadays and the young generation seems likely to fall a prey to these atrocities offered by the internet.
As a parent, it is your duty to make sure that your child spends a good time on the internet without any danger and enjoys his/her time on the internet. Therefore, you may need a spying application to track the activities of your child on the phone and keep a record track of it.
Cocospy is a free spying Application that is used worldwide for its compatibility and trustfulness. This Cell Phone Tracker application helps you to track the activities of your child and make sure that they are safe. It is available for free and liable to both the Android and IOS operating systems.
Cocospy is now well known by the leading digital online markets such as PC World, New York Times, Top Ten Reviews, Life hacker, Forbes, Android Authority, CNET, PCMag, TechRadar, Tom’s Guide, Digital Trends, as well as life wire. All of these digital pioneers regard Cocospy as an excellent tool for spying. And appreciate the ability of Cocospy in its field.
 Cocospy is an application tool used by many people from all around the World to spy or monitor any target person. It is an answer to many questions by worried parents like “How to hack A Phone?” how to “Free Spy Phone Without The Phone You Are Spying On”?. These questions are common among many parents of this generation who are worried about the cyber security of their child. Cocospy Applications help you in regard and regain your trust as a parent.

How Cocospy Works???

Step: 1

Cocospy is a free Application available on both the Android and IOS. First, you may need to download the Cocospy application on the target phone and Sign up for free on it and then allow the Cocospy application to gain access to target phone’s credentials and allow it to run on the phone without a security issue.

Step 2:

If the Android version of the target device is over 4.0 and the device is not held by security, Cocospy will start the spying process. However, For iPhone users, it is necessary to enter iCloud credentials on the target phone and then begin the spying process.

Step 3:

Once these formalities are done, The final step requires you to log in your account from the user phone and open up the Dashboard in the panel to begin spying on the target phone. With the target person being completely unaware about it.

Differentiating Qualities Of Cocospy:

  1. Text Message Spying:

Cocospy’s application tools can spy on text messages on the target phone. It lets you monitor the SMS being sent or received by the target phone and monitor the messages all of the time on the dashboard of your control panel.
  1. Call Tracker Application:

Many of the online or daily life threats and spam messages occur over phone calling and can be a subject to majority of problems related to cyber crimes. Cocospy’s Call tracking application helps you to trace the calls on the target phone and also aids in obtaining the complete ID’s of the person who placed the call.

3.Location Tracker:

Cocospy’s location tracker can help you to trace the live and accurate location of the target phone and helps in finding a lost mobile phone or a person. Using GPS Technology, Location tracker exhibits the true location of the target phone, it is particularly useful for parents to know the location of their children and the places where they go.

4.Geo-Fence Alert:

The geo-fence alert is yet another utility offered by Cocospy to facilitate the user and enhance the supremacy of this app. The Geo-fence alert comprises of a location marked as safe by the user, usually parents. If trespassing from the safe location is made, The geo-fence alert quickly notifies the user that an exception has been made and sends a warning notification to the user phone that the target phone is progressing out of the safe territory.

5. Social Media Tracker:

Cocospy can help you to spy on various social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat ,Viber Etc. For example, Account information and profiles of the people contacting the target phone on social media. Moreover, media files can also be accessed which are shared between the person’s and target phone. Complete ID’s can be accessed and account information is gathered with the help of Cocospy. Private messages and group chats can also be studied exclusively by using Cocopsy with no knowledge of being spied upon by the target person.


As a responsible parent, it is your duty to know what your child is doing on the internet and what he/she is doing is safe or not?. But with the help of Cocospy monitoring application and utilities like Cell Phone Tracker, your worries are no longer existent! You can easily access your child’s phone and track all the activities being done on it from text message spying to call tracking and from location tracking to the Geo-fence alert. With a spying tool like Cocospy you can be informed all the times about what your child is doing on the phone and devise a proper solution if the guidelines are not being followed properly.


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