How to: Install macOS High Sierra Public Beta.

Apple has released the Public Beta of its latest macOS High Sierra for MacBook and iMac. If a user wants to try out the new macOS, he/she doesn’t need a developer account now that Apple has made the beta version available for everyone.

The macOS High Sierra brings in a host of new features to Apple’s ecosystem. The update is compatible with MacBook and iMac’s after 2009, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Mac mini after 2010 models.

The High Sierra update is approximately 4GB in size.
Follow the steps given below carefully to install the public Beta of macOS High Sierra.
1. Backup your data: Go to System Preference and click Time Machine and start backing up your data.
2. Go to Apple’s Beta Software Program website and enrol yourself into the program through your Apple ID.
3. Bypass the first step if you have already made a backup of your data as mentioned above. Now click and download MacOS Public Beta Access Utility to enrol and install it.
4. After installing the macOS Public Beta Access Utility, launch it and set it up. The final set should take you to the App Store. In case it doesn’t, head over to the Beta Software Program website and on the Step 3 page, click View MacOS Public Beta in Mac App Store.
5. Click Download to start installing the macOS High Sierra Public Beta.
6. Alternatively, you can head over here, to download the macOS High Sierra from the App Store.
7. After downloading High Sierra, click on Continue and you will be taken to the next step where you have to choose where to install the public beta.
8. During the installation, Apple will change the file system of your Mac to its new version, APFS.
9. If you did everything right, your Mac should reboot and boot to the High Sierra Public Beta.
Do note that the beta could create some issues which should be reported to Apple via Feedback Assistant.

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