Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 / 3.51 ISO Download Directly for Free

Which trademark is peculiar to a successful venture or organization? Well, the incessant desire to work differently and continuously in a determined manner, is what sets them out and brings them into the limelight. 

If you do not witness failure, you aren’t actually growing in life. Launched globally in the year 1996, Windows NT 3.5 may not be the popularly acclaimed operating system from windows, but it did crave the right path and pumped in the fuel for the development of successful operating systems like Windows XP, Vista, and the subsequent OS. To know more about Windows Server 2008 ISO, visit our page for detailed insights.

This article is written to explain the features of Windows NT 3.5 ISO along with the sequential procedure to download it.

Overview of Windows NT 3.5 ISO 

Windows NT 3.5 was launched after the release of Windows NT 3.51 and is a part of the Windows NT series. It is a 32-bit operating system for workstations, while the GUI on this version is quite similar to that of Windows 95. It is mainly oriented towards catering to the needs of businessmen until the development of Windows 2000.

Microsoft Windows NT 3.5/3.51 ISO
  • In NT 3.5, the user interface from Windows 95  has been integrated, making it smooth in functioning and easy to use just like its consumer counterpart. 
  • It comes attached with Internet Explorer, providing a separate web browser. Speed has been improved by transferring the components into kernel-mode, at the expense of security and reliability, though these changes are being reverted.
  • It supports preemptive multitasking and inculcates many better networking features. It was available for a workstation, server, and embedded systems.
  • The System policy editor is one of the key highlights of Windows NT 3.5 and it empowers you to alter the approaches that are as of now accessible on the server which infers that the framework arrangement can be set by you subsequently, allowing you to get the primary access.
  • It comes with Crypto API and Telephony API 2.0.
  • DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) is the new object model that has indicated proficiency and good execution and has turned out to be the best when contrasted with the previous article models launched by Microsoft.
  • It also has Microsoft Transaction Server attached inside it. 
  • Microsoft Message Queuing highlight in the Windows NT 3.5 empowers keen administration of the messages and furthermore ensures that the messages arrive at the objective beneficiaries as they were.
  • The presence of Winsock 2, along with TCP/IP stack improvements and File System Defragmentation makes it a better version than the ones already present in the market at that time. 
  • One of the most striking highlights of NT 3.5 is the new and redesigned Windows task Manager. This Task director makes it simpler to see all system processes under a solitary window. This improves accessibility and makes it user friendly to some extent.
  • The Windows NT 3.5 has additionally accompanied some unbelievable highlights ahead in the store for the Mac clients to empower printing and has given new document administrations.
You can download Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 / 3.51 ISO for free
Download Microsoft Windows NT 3.5 / 3.51 ISO

However, Windows NT 3.5 also has various set-backs and limitations which were revealed by the users back then. These are stated as follows:

  • In this version, the Graphics Device Interface is transferred to the famous kernel mode, which eliminates the task to process switch in calling all the other GDI functions. Though this was quite useful, it led to graphics and printer drive errors, leading to a lot of potential stability issues.
  • One of the major problems that we encountered with Windows NT 3.5 is its single-user system. As a solitary client framework, it is certainly simple for the clients to utilize the server however with regards to managing the network administrators, it becomes haphazard to deal with all the enrolled clients under it.
  • Windows NT 3.5 additionally has a feature that doesn’t permit the projects running on it to surpass the memory space distributed to them which is the most well-known bumble that one commits while writing programs.

How to Download Windows NT 3.5 and 3.51 ISO

The Windows NT 3.5 can be downloaded from the ISO site and could be run in the framework you need to build up the server in. Presently, the general execution of the framework absolutely relies on the manners by which you configure the system administrator settings.

In order to download it on VirtualBox, first, download the link from the ISO website and then proceed with the following steps:

  • Extract the ISO file from the download file.
  • Install and open the VirtualBox app on your desktop.
  • Create a new virtual machine with the prescribed configuration for Windows NT 3.5, or use manual configurations as per the system requirements.
  • Start VM and when it asks to select Host Drive, just select the ISO file extracted in step 2. Thereafter, follow the on-screen guidelines.

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